So my running group is focused on speed, and the sprints are kicking my butt! Here is the break out of the workout on Wednesday with my times:

(1) 400 m = 1:28

(2) 800m = 3:09 , 3:18

(1) 400m = 1:23

Not a long workout compared to my long runs which take around 2 hours. But man this workout is killer. Sprints are simply a different animal compared to long distance runs. I am learning a lot about my self from this type of work out. The biggest thing is learning to dig deeper even when I feel like I have nothing left to give. It hit me in that last 400m sprint. By that time I was exhausted and just had to keep telling my self I just had one more. I knew I didn’t have much left in me but I got on that line and I pushed. The last 100m approached and I didn’t think I had anything left to give. But I pulled a last stitch effort out of thin air and gave it all I had. I ended up running my fastest 400m to date!

 Nothing is better post run than this. I have found my self craving it after my workouts. I love it because it isn’t as salty as regular Gatorade and it is just so refreshing. I have started to take the advice of one of my favorite bloggers The Hungery Runner Girl and plan my runs so that I end at a gas station. Nothing is better than those first couple victory chugs.

Over all it was a good day after my post sprint powerade I felt so much better! But the most exciting thing is that I got to rock my RWB eagle shirt that came in the mail the day before!

Check out team RWB’s website to learn more about all the wonderful things this organization does! Click here: Team RWB

Today I take on my timed mile (hoping for a sub 7 min!!!) and then I have 4 miles to do. Gotta get my weekly mileage back up! Until next time!


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