26.2 Sticker

This week I am focusing on getting my weekly mileage back up to what it should be for my training. The last two weeks I haven’t been doing to great due to the speed focus my work outs took me. So this week is about the miles.

Monday I had running group and a 4 mile run planned. Running group was a timed mile. I guess my speed workouts paid off because I ran my fastest mile yet. I ran a 6:40; I was pumped about my time and I thought about rewarding my self for the accomplishment and skipping my 4 miles. That’s when I remembered I am not training to run a mile. I am training to be able to put that 26.2 bumper sticker on my car. So instead of walking back to my car from the track I put my head phones back in and started on my four miles. They were tough but I was happy that I got out there and ran. Sometimes that really is the greatest of accomplishments.

Tuesday I had a 5 mile run planned. I went to knock it out at lunch; the weather was just perfect overcast and mid 60s it was a runners dream! I ended up doing 6.7 instead of 5miles (due to the fact I forgot to turn around at the half way mark. Whoops!) My pace was 8:46 which was just awesome for me.  This was a good run which are such a blessing and a great reminder that not all runs are bad runs.

The rest of the week isn’t bad I have sprints today, rest on Thursday, a 10k on Friday, and 8 miles to do this weekend. I just have to remember its all about that bumper sticker. 108 days till the Air Force Marathon!!

262 sticker


Oh and I thought I would throw this in for fun, I was forced to do some #dogshaming on olive when I got home on Monday.

11295811_10204341834932051_7971904605353690118_nLook at that fake puppy dog face!



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