Ring in the Summer 10k

My first race!! Surprisingly enough, before now, I had never actually run a race before. I have been training for my marathon for 3 months now and running some what for 5 years. Some how I have just never done one before. It was awesome! So I thought I would give you my breakdown:

545- Woke up. Got dressed in my new balance compression shorts 6″ ( I have chaffing issues on some runs these babies are perfect they say in place and my thighs don’t get rubbed raw), my brooks pure flow 3s, my RWB eagle shirt, and my nike running cap. I was pumped and ready to go!


600- Got some last minute advice from my better half. He told me that the first mile is going to be tough because my heart and adrenaline are going to be pumping. So I have to make sure not to push too hard on that first mile and burn my self out. Getting a little nervous at this point but ready to get out there are run!

620- Grabbed my powerade for post run chug and some pre run sips. Kissed my puppies Goose and Olive goodbye and got in the car. The drive to base was a breeze who new the traffic would be so much better at 6 vs 7!


640- Rolled up to the starting point and met up with the two other RWB members that came out for the run. We chatted while the sky spit out some rain and the daunting storm cell was coming in from the south with some pretty menacing thunder. The Race coordinator told us that it was up to us if we wanted to do the run or not so we decided to risk it and try to beat out the storm.

700- Race time!! There is nothing quite like lining up on the start line with all these people around you with one hand on there phone or watch all ready to press start as soon as it is time to go. I use Runkeeper on my runs and I now use spotify running to pair with it. My next post is going to be about running with music and the big debate as to whether matching your tempo of your run and music up actually helps. That’s a whole other post so I won’t get in to that right now. I do love both apps they are great and a great less expensive choice to breaking down and getting a GPS watch… so now for the race breakdown

Mile 1 (8:24) Super glad I made conscious effort to attempt running at pace for my first mile. Everyone is so fast and I could not get control of my breathing and my heart rate because of all the adrenalin. It sucked letting people pass me. My competitive side was itching each time some one pulled in front of me. But I held the pace I wanted and bowed my head and just thought to my self they will burn out and I will catch them later.

Mile 2 (8:47) Head wind and Mile 2 my least favorite things. For some reason mile two is always one of my slowest. Its the mile where my body feels everything and my mind is not in its happy running place yet. The head wind on the flight line in this case was not so helpful either.

Mile 3 (8:35) There was a 12 year old who passed me at mile 1 that I made note of. I was not about to get beat by a 12 year old girl. She had been ahead of me by 200m or so up until now and in my head I just kept telling myself that she had to burn out soon (really it was wishful thinking). I was starting to close the gap but she was still booking it. By the way at this point I was super happy with my pace. My goal for this run was to run at a 9 min pace so I was pleasantly surprised each mile that I was beating that by a good amount. However, I still had a 12 year old girl beating me so not good enough…

Mile 4 (8:31) My opportunity arrived. The little girl stopped I have no idea why but I saw my opportunity and I took it. I kicked it up and then of course she started running again… But I pushed and managed to pass her. Mission accomplished in my mind! Until I saw the man in front of me who also passed me 300 or so meters ahead. New challenge.

Mile 5 (8:53) Unfortunately kicking it up a notch resulted in me getting just a terrible splitting side cramp. Every breath was a struggle. I tried some of the tricks that I have heard from runners about getting rid of them. Take it from me hitting yourself in the side where your cramp is, well it is not helpful in the slightest. I did some strides with my hands on my head, no help. Eventually I just started taking short smaller breathes. I made a mental note to myself to do some more research on battling the side cramp. So I should probably do that later.

Mile 6 (8:09) This was supposed to be a 10k right? So I was thinking sweet basically last mile plus .2 time to push and step it out. Well that’s what I did I pushed and I closed the gap between me and the guy ahead of me. Then I had the awkward moment every runner knows. The moment you have to make the decision to pass or not to pass? If I pass him that means I can’t let him pass me back… So really passing at this point was a decision to push harder and basically sprint the last stretch. Even though my legs and my mind were saying aw hell no I passed him.

The last .7 (4:30) Dear lord my legs didn’t plan on having to keep this passing pace for an extra half mile… But I could here footsteps behind me. I was not about to be passed. This last .7 was exhausting but the moment it was over and I finished (ahead of the guy I passed) it was such a good feeling.11391515_965565316811340_3914980380788443676_n

Over all the race was great. It was raining but not too hard so it helped keep me cool all run. I really enjoyed this run and running in the morning. I am not a morning workout person but there was something very satisfying about it being 8am and already being done with me work out for they day.

So I officially have my first race under my belt!! And as of today there is just 103 days until the Air Force Marathon! training is going to start kicking up here pretty soon I have 8 miles to do today and morning workouts official start tomorrow so that I can start beating the heat!



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