Fight Song

I have not posted in a very long time so this will be a pretty long one. Life can be a storm sometimes and the past couple months have reminded me of my favorite quote
life is a storm

This quote has resonated with me since high school. I think it speaks to a lot of aspects in life. The ups and downs are both part of it, but it is how we face the downs and get through the storms that make us who we are. Needless to say I had a lot of downs over the months of June and July. Luckily I had running as an escape. I started hitting my marathon training hard. With the marathon only months away my weekly mileage was back up to where it needed to be and the long runs were becoming the highlight of my week.

Three weeks ago my first 16 mile run came up on the schedule. I was so nervous, even more so since it would be the first long run I would have done by myself. In order to beat the heat I was up at 330am to head out to the 7 mile loop I usually run. I made a play list the night before and packed a cooler of ice and water in my car so I could stop to hydrate halfway through my run. The run it self was a good one, I enjoyed the solitude and the feeling of accomplishment with each foot step. My time was not great, but that was not the point of the run. Being a competitive person time is usually always in the back of my head, you read all these times that people have and it makes my 10:20 min avg feel like a glacier pace. I have to constantly remind my self that my goal is to run my first marathon. Finishing is an accomplishment.

I was extremely happy after that run. My body was tired but it felt great I was still sweating, which is a big accomplishment. I went home took a shower and then the pain hit me and it all just went down hill from there. I had chaffed. From my sports bra. Unbelievable pain. Needless to say I am never wearing that sports bra again. After some very careful showering I was able to lay my self on the couch for a much needed Downton Abby marathon. I ate a whole pizza and although my legs were a little restless I felt good.

Later that night I got a foot cramp. I thought it was just a charlie horse and so I stretched it, iced it, and took some aleve. The next day it was still there and I had trouble just walking around. I rolled it on a lacrosse ball, iced, stretched, and all that. The pain did not subside. So I went to the foot doctor he gave me a boot told me to wear it 24/7 for a week and cross train in the mean time. I was a struggle to sleep in but 70 days out from my marathon I was not about to take any chances. A week passed and I was supposed to be able to get back to the grind after some much needed rest. I took to the treadmill and my foot felt a little sore, but I was pain free! What a relief! Well that relief only lasted the day. That night the pain was back and worse than ever. I went back to the doctor and he ordered an MRI, which I unfortunately can’t get done for two weeks. So I am stuck. 50 days out from the marathon and I am stuck on the bike and forced in to a boot.


I have been in this position before and it is not fun. Being in pain and not knowing what is wrong is extremely frustrating. There were many tear filled nights of fearing the worst that all my training was for nothing and my dream of running the Air Force Marathon in September was not going to happen. I am still at that point of waiting, but now I am not letting it defeat me. It has been a tough transition to have to accept that I can’t run and I need to stay off my feet. So I have been hitting the bike and the gym hard. Moving to two a days so that I can work on building my muscle with weights and hitting up the legs and cardio by riding a bike.
For inspiration I have been listening to “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. This song I could seriously listen to on repeat right now. I love it because it reminds me that it is up to me how I face this storm. I can choose to let is defeat me or I can keep pushing and working towards my goal.

And now just for fun here is a picuture of Olive 🙂 because a dog always makes the day a little better!



13 thoughts on “Fight Song

  1. Hope your foot is ok!
    Fight song is my theme song now too. That song reminds me I can do my 2000 miles. It’s a great song!
    Rest up and you’ll rock that marathon with your awesome 10:20 pace! That’s a good marathon pace!


  2. awesome post, love your honesty. getting up at 3:30 am is some damn determination so i know you will get through this foot stuff too.


  3. So so sorry you’re injured. I’m just at the start of my “journey” at the moment (have entered a marathon for next year), and I know there’ll be some tough times coming up. Fingers crossed that they find out what’s wrong and that it’s easily fixable.


      • Thank you 🙂 I’ve entered the Edinburgh Marathon. My husband did it this year (about 3 hours quicker than I’ll do mine), and I somehow agreed to do it next year… My friend lives up there, and we’re going to do it together. Well… again… she’s much faster than me! But we’ll at least START together…

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  4. Keep at it Allie! This happened to me over 4 years ago except it was my hip and bursitis was my issue. I am finally over all that but to get back on track has been a huge struggle. Then as I was getting back into the groove I was taken down by IBD, Ulcerative Colitis. It’s hard but like you the running is my escape. It makes me feel so alive! I’ll keep watching your progress and I know it will keep me motivated. We just have to keep fighting!


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