The half before the full

Still pain free!!! I was super nervous for my long run this past weekend it was going to be the run to really test if I was going to truly be able to come back from being injured for the past month. Now the run was 13 so obviously I ran for 13.1 because who is going to stop that much short of a half marathon.

The weather was good it was cool in the mid 70s but the humidity was just a little bit high. Actually it was so high that at one point, about at mile 4, I started karate chopping the air as I ran with my running partner. I thought it was quite amusing. I will admit the first six was tough and I needed silly little musings like that to get through.

And then the cursed gumball happened… it was half way through the run, only 100ft from my water stop, when I landed my heel on a gumball (those spikey things that come from gumball trees) and my ankle rolled… And to make things even better it was my right foot. The foot that had me in a boot for a month just one week earlier.

 Instant profanities began to spew from my mouth as it rolled. Refusing to be hurt again I kept going with only a couple weird feeling steps and luckily the soreness went away. Crisis adverted!

I got to my car for a water stop and my first gue… It was a terrible experience. I mean terrible. I am so glad I tried it out before the marathon because the gue actually caused me to throw up ( I simply couldn’t do the texture). 

So I will be having to either practice more and suck it up or carrying chews for the run. Either way I need to figure it out before the marathon!

The remainder of the run was tough I was nervous about my foot/ankle and I simply got mentally stuck. I pushed on though and after mile 11 I found a new gear and finished my last two miles at a 9:30 pace! My overall average pace was 10:00 flat and for me its not where I wanted to be at this point in my training. But after being injured I am so happy with that pace and if I can hold that for my marathon amazing!

As you can see the wall hit me hard at mile 11! And the amazingly strong head wind didn’t help! But I was very happy with my finish.

Post run I got to have a nice cool down play time chasing my dog Goose all over the dog park!  

Ps I always run in a hat! I can’t run in sunglasses because I feel like my face sweats way too much!


2 thoughts on “The half before the full

  1. Awesome! Good to hear no major issues with your foot. I can never do gels, for that same reason- too sugary and makes me gag. I ate jellybeans during my marathon, some chews, and just water. Good luck!!


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