About Me

Welcome to the Craft Runner!

My name is Allie and I am a running convert. I use to be an avid protestor to running until some influential amazing people came in to my life and showed me just how wonderful it can be. This blog is about running, craft beer, food, my life, my dogs, and basically anything else I deem worthy of sharing. Here are just a couple things about me!

Name: Allie 

Below is my face. You may be wondering what are those planes doing in the background, they look kinda cool. Well something different about me is I am in the Air Force. I’m not a pilot so don’t be expecting any super sweet pics of me flying around. I love my job and I am proud to serve.


My Dog: Goose (AKA my everything)

This is Goose he is my German Shorthaired Pointer and he is just 1.5 years old. He is high maintenance, just like me, and he is over all just a goofy high energy dog. He is my frequent running partner and can kick my butt at it too! He will be a frequent topic on this blog, as will his sister Olive as they are my surrogate children and I love them both to death. Goose is the one looking dapper in his stunning bow tie and Olive is the one in the festive green boa.

goose and olive

Running: I am a beginner runner.

I have no impressive marathon times to post or PRs. I simply have a growing love and appreciation for everything it takes to put one foot in front of the other rather quickly. I am happy to announce I am currently training for my first Marathon (I’m talking 26.1 miles) I will be running the Air Force Marathon on Sept 19 2015!

What I Like: Running Craft Beer and Food.

What is so perfect about these things is that they all just pair so nicely. When I run I can reward my self with an delicious ice cold craft beer on my porch (Plus its carbs right?). Running also makes me just hungry all the time which means I get to eat to make up all the calories burned. And what goes better with a meal that I nice flavorful craft beer. Its like my own perfect little circle of life.b67f80c2882b80831d419129d4126d47

What I Don’t Like: A dirty kitchen, grape flavored things, a bad nights sleep, and scary movies.

A Little Something Extra: I use to have an English accent. A real on from when I lived there.

My Weakness: Anything with Buffalo sauce.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m curious about what types of things you eat with Buffalo sauce. It’s one of my favorites (I’m fond of Texas Pete, though I’ve learned to doctor up other brands in a pinch). I serve it as a dip with pizza and quesadilla, on falafel, and anything else that happens to strike me. I’m always looking for new ideas!


    • Im a fan of really any buffalo flavor I am a bog fan of it on pizza and wings. My all time favorite though would have to be buffalo chicken dip. If you have never had it is amazing. Here is the recipe I use: Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe
      Also if you have never had Snyder Hanover Buffalo Pretzel Bits they are sooo addicting!


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